Welcome to LesDoIt Designs!!

We offer products that can help you design your body! We have LesDoIt Waist Trainers, LesDoIt Waist Trimmers and our #1 seller: LesDoIt High Waist Sauna Leggings! Browse to see what best fits your needs!

  • LesDoIt High Waist Sauna Leggings

    This is our TOP SELLER!! Our Leggings help you sweat more in your midsection because of the neoprene material. Sweating assists with losing inches during your workout.

  • LesDoIt Wrap Belt

    If you want instant inches taken off of your waistline, try the LesDoIt Wrap Belt!

  • LesDoIt Tummy Control Leggings

    Our Tummy Control Leggings assist with holding in your midsection and also has leg compression to lessen the jiggle. Also available in plus sizes. {Up to 6X}